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BMA begins UA-ITF Apprenticeship Recruitment Sprinkler Fitting Project

February 29, 2016 | Back To News

BMA Media Group continues to strengthen its relationship with the United Association’s International Training Fund, embarking on its third comprehensive apprenticeship recruitment project.

More than a year and a half ago BMA Media Group began its relationship with the UA-ITF by creating an apprenticeship recruitment campaign that focused on the HVACR profession. This series of videos was designed to be different than any recruitment tool the UA had ever utilized. The project was designed to recruit highly qualified apprentices for the HVACR branch of the UA, mainly targeting the high school and college-age demographic.

BMA Media Group knew that to do this effectively, it would have to come up with a theme that would attract the type of applicant candidates the UA sought. After various meetings and much deliberation, the theme of “You See More” was created.  This theme worked well to attract and engage our target audience: young people who have the ability to look at reality, economic as well as physical reality, with a clear eye.

The “You See More” theme proved successful with the HVACR campaign to such an extent that BMA Media Group was asked to create a second phase utilizing the same theme that focused on the Plumbing Service branch of the UA. This past summer the “You See More” Plumbing Service campaign was completed and received praise from various levels of the UA— from business managers and contractors to international leadership. Because of this positive response, discussions about a third project focusing on sprinkler fitting began.

As with the first two phases, BMA Media Group began to research, schedule and gather assets. Recently the BMA Media Group Team visited Pipefitters Local 120 to shoot 4th and 5th-year apprentices as they received instruction on various aspects of sprinkler fitting.

At the shoot, BMA Media Group was able to gather valuable footage for use in the upcoming videos as well as multiple stylized shots that will be used throughout the campaign, from video to print and digital.

BMA Media Group is looking forward to upcoming work on this project. BMA will be gathering assets at more training centers, as well as shooting at several job sites and performing dozens of interviews that will be used to strengthen the recruitment message.

BMA Media Group is proud to help the UA strengthen its future, and looks forward to the successful completion of this and many more projects together.