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Where Creativity Abounds, SEO Improves

April 20, 2016 | Back To News

By now, it’s well understood that Search Engine Optimization (SEO) enables you to reach new and existing customers, and SEO begins with keywords.  Finding the right combination of keywords takes time, research and creative thinking. 

BMA Media Group recently held a keyword/SEO refresher course where the company’s professionals keyword skills were sharpened, and ideas were shared on how best to utilize SEO for their clients.  Here’s what some of the BMA Media Group professionals said about the seminar.

“Too often, SEO is seen as a task that must be accomplished to achieve certain metrics for our clients,” said Adam Snyder, Marketing Communications Associate.  “By looking at SEO as a word game that requires creativity as opposed to a rigid task with stringent metric goals, you’ll be able to enjoy the research phase of keywords far more.”

“One of the main concepts I was reminded of in this seminar is ‘think like the customer,’” explains Laura Ziemianski, Marketing Communications Associate.  “It’s easy to think like the client, but that’s not the most effective way to capture leads.  We have to think like the men and women who are searching for our clients.  They are the people asking the questions, and we need to ensure that our clients are poised to answer those questions.”

“By focusing on core keywords, helper keywords and sample keyword queries, we ensure our clients are visible and reaching the customers they wish to target.  But what makes our approach different is that we research, plan and assess more creatively, allowing us to target more efficiently and yield better results,” adds Erin Iafelice, Public Relations and Marketing Associate. “SEO is a science but it is also an art, and art needs imagination.”

If you’re looking to optimize your search engine ranking but don’t know where to start, let BMA Media Group help you reach your target audience.  Contact us today and get the results you and your brand deserve.