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Living Slim & Fit TV Program Pilot

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BMA Media Produces National TV Fitness Program Using International Star Power

Teaming with Jaime Brenkus and Kelli Calabrese, two of America's most accomplished and celebrated international health professionals, BMA Media Group has launched itself into the powerfully charged world of personal-fitness broadcast production with its creation of a pilot TV program, “Living Slim & FIT.”
Within the instructional show's energized 30-minutes, BMA Media captures the energy and passion of  world-renowned fitness instructor Jaime Brenkus, this century's Jack Lalane, and  inventor of the legendary “8-Minute Abs” workout, and Kelli Calabrese, a long-established expert at providing makeovers to bodies and minds who has appeared on CBS, NBC, Fox and other media outlets as an author, international speaker, consultant and coach specializing in women's wellness, fitness boot camps, longevity and life management. Jaime and Kelli  have helped millions of people live a healthier lifestyle.
Freelance food stylist Stefanie Paganini followed a successful family tradition into the culinary world, but now she is breaking out as a star in her own right. As the resident "Living Slim & FIT" chef, Stefanie demonstrates how people can transform their everyday habits to eat healthier without having to sacrifice color, texture and delicious flavor. You can also see Stefanie take on three fellow premier pastry chefs during an upcoming episode of "Sweet Genius," a three-round competition show that inspires chefs to unleash their inner Willy Wonka, whipping up whimsical, ingenious desserts worthy of the $10,000 prize. Watch Stefanie Paganini put her confectionery skills to the test Thursday, April 26 on the Food Network at 10:00 pm ET/PT. 
Collaborating with these highly acclaimed health stars, BMA Media generated a made-for-TV personal fitness program that provides a very real avenue for regular people seeking to improve their everyday lives and personal well-being. In producing “Living Slim &  FIT,” BMA Media employs the full force of its award-winning video and broadcast production expertise while jumping into the TV fitness market, working alongside Comcast / XFINITY producer Mark Craycraft, former Director of Entertainment for Dick Clark Productions, Inc., in Los Angeles.
Through the application of distinctive, high-end production methods, meaningful content and engaging format, “Living Slim & FIT” presents real fitness solutions for real people with tight schedules, jobs and families. Under BMA Media's guidance, “Living Slim & FIT” was created to provide an impactful TV program to viewers who want to stay slim and fit by focusing on daily habits – eating, shopping, fitness and thinking habits.
Professional, lifestyle experts with proven results coming to your living room...learn it, live it, lose'll love it!
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