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Roll-Kraft Promotional Video

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BMA Media Group recently created a promotional video for Roll-Kraft, the foremost tube & pipe and roll-forming manufacturing company in North America, highlighting the company’s modern manufacturing facilities.
This facilities-centric video was a follow-up project to two videos BMA produced highlighting Roll-Kraft’s signature products. The high-tech equipment that is a staple at all Roll-Kraft facilities made shooting inspired shots relatively easy for Video Department Manager Lee Sechrist, who was also able to achieve bird’s-eye view footage using one of the facility’s scissor lifts.
Compared to the previous Roll-Kraft videos, this production was light on motion graphics as the facility B-Roll carried the piece. To remedy an impossible exterior shot due to typical Northeast Ohio winter weather, Sechrist masked out the sky of an existing still of the Mentor location and replaced it with a time lapse of clouds to create an interesting animated effect. Shot in one day using a Sony EX-1 camera, the video was edited in Final Cut Pro 7 and Adobe After Effects using Element 3D.
BMA Media Group handles every aspect of any video or broadcast studio and field production. For Roll-Kraft’s Facility Video production, BMA researched and wrote the script, as read by the acquired voice-over talent, and our completely in-house video production department managed the video shooting, motion graphics and video editing in their entirety.

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