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What Makes Us The Union Multimedia POWERHOUSE?

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BMA Media Group is a TURN-KEY event production firm, producing every event based on client vision and budget and invoking the desired attendee response. In doing so, we administer every phase of an event through our capacity to handle each and every critical event logistic – because we have the comprehensive know-how to put together any type of union special event.

Whether you’re celebrating an anniversary of your organization or hosting a meeting or large conference, BMA’s creativity and experience is available for you to get it done right.

BMA Media also specializes in producing events for unions – and we know how to plan and produce union events because we are union!


BMA Media Group has fully produced a full line of award-winning, broadcast-quality, high-definition video and broadcast projects and products, from informational DVDs to promotional Web videos to television golf programming.

Our completely in-house video production department specializes in corporate and event video types. We also produce the Sports Time Ohio show Tee It Up 18 Holes with Jimmy Hanlin.

BMA handles every aspect of any video or broadcast studio and field production, including:


BMA Media incorporates the most modern marketing and branding tools, cutting-edge methods and unique ideas to create sustainable competitive advantages for each client. To accomplish this, BMA first works to understand each customer’s specific market orientation and environment.

Ultimately, BMA is able to bring organizations, causes and products to life through marketing and branding campaigns that make them exceedingly relevant in the minds and hearts of target audiences.


BMA Media Group knows how to positively impact the issues and events that trade labor organizations must manage because we are union. As such, BMA has a wealth of experience handling every aspect of a variety of important union-based procedures - impacting target audiences with relevant educational materials and essential information that is solely unique to the organized labor message and movement.


When the BMA Media Creative Team develops a project, we not only try to get a marketing message point across – we also strive to engage users in a memorable experience. This thought process has the effect of keeping visitors coming back again and again to your website, video or other electronic marketing tool.

Get the most out of what your service or product has to offer by having BMA Media Group create and design your multi-media needs.


BMA Media puts your name right in the hands of your target audiences with a myriad of specially branded merchandise options (and we’ll even create the brand for you!). With over a million vendors to choose from, we can fashion the right give-away for your event or fundraising. Oh, and we are an ASI distributor, giving us the unique advantage of being able to buy direct from manufacturers – especially U.S.A. manufacturers – giving us the ability to deliver the widest range of personalized merchandise at the best prices.