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The alliance of the Affiliated Construction Trades (ACT) Ohio promotes quality, safe construction by qualified contractors and skilled union craftsmen, as well as level competition to ensure the state’s tax dollars are spent properly.

Since its inception, ACT Ohio has trusted BMA Media Group to perform as the advocacy group’s marketing and communications arm, helping to educate and inform the public on the imperative nature of the construction industry policies that it endorses and providing the state’s construction industry with important information on best practices in construction across Ohio.

BMA is proud to provide ACT Ohio a full range of communication and marketing products, working hand-in-hand with their legal, research and political advocacy teams to produce timely and important communications to targeted audiences throughout the state.

BMA has been able to contribute to ACT Ohio’s success by providing all their marketing and communication needs. Our creative and talented digital graphics team designed the ACT Ohio logo and built a multi-functional website that serves to inform the public while providing critical information to construction professionals and public policy makers. The website is a valuable tool for educating its visitors on vital issues affecting the construction industry, including:

  • Collective Bargaining;
  • Responsible Contracting;
  • Workforce Training/Apprenticeship;
  • Industry Regulations and Standards;
  • Labor/Management Cooperation;
  • Workplace Safety/OSHA Training;
  • Prevailing Wage Laws;
  • Drug-Free Workforce/Testing; and
  • “So Called Right To Work.”

We also helped them create and maintain Facebook and Twitter accounts to ensure they remain on the forefront of today’s social media age.

Act Ohio Website

ACT Ohio also relies on BMA Media Group to successfully create and update numerous print products designed to educate the community and Ohio legislators. From informational handouts and folders to brochures, our communications and marketing department researches and studies the issues before creating content geared to get the correct message out to the targeted audience. Features of ACT Ohio’s print literature includes multi prime versus single prime construction bidding, prevailing wage, project labor agreements (PLAs), and “so called right to work.” We have also designed their print advertisements in publications across the state of Ohio.

Later this year, our award-winning video production team will complete the first set of promotional videos for ACT Ohio. While several videos will serve to promote the advocacy group itself, other videos will address key issues supported by Ohio’s construction industry watchdog.

With our help, ACT Ohio ensures the Ohio public is best served in public works projects, as well as private construction, through marketing best practices to construction professionals and end-users and utilizing public relations strategies to ensure the correct information is disseminated in a timely fashion.

BMA Media Group has also worked on a number of special projects for ACT Ohio’s individual member unions. We understand the construction trades landscape and use our years of experience to deliver the results our clients have come to expect from us.

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